a tale of seduction

There is a rise of a new league of women…free-thinkers, walking with purpose, pushing the limits & refusing to be defined by society!

Enter Seduction! A fierce fashion brand and feminist movement designed for women, by women! 


Style mavens and next-generation thinkers, colleagues Ntabiseng Mesinya and Laila Manjoo  have both silently been paving their way through the retail fashion fraternity over the past 20 years. A tough environment for women to be noticed, they received an unexpected big break when they were recognized for their abilities and given the equity to drive a revolutionary new brand. 


With this new-found liberation, Seduction was born and with it Ntabi and Laila ignited a deep desire to shift thinking, by stepping out of the box and celebrating the uniqueness of womanhood. Their objective is to propel and uplift women everywhere to new levels. 

“Seduction is much bigger than just pretty women wearing pretty things, it’s a movement of consciousness”


Seduction happens when ‘power of choice’ meets ‘the freedom of self-expression’ with a range of chic, on-trend and future-focused footwear and bags designed for those who dare to be different…


“Who cares about how people view us? Why does our age even matter? So what about our professions? These are the thoughts we want women to embrace. We want to empower all women to be seduced by the power of choice, and through our offering give her the confidence to life her best life right now!”